Familie Schütz und Kraus
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Simply romantically!

Enjoy our frankonish meals; typical delicacies from our steeped in tradition region.
A special warranty for freshness of our delicious meals is given by the internal butcher's shop and our one agriculture. For you our Frankish knuckle of pork meal will be unforgettable.

Voilá it is arranged ....

We here say: Meal and drinking hold body and soul together. Therefore we have an eye on it, to attach great importance to our kitchen. Blows fruits, salads, juices and vegetable, carefully selected meat - these are the basic products, from which the meals are affectionately prepared.

We present here an excerpt from our bill of fare to you.
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Hint: Our gift coupon for "Meal for two" or a weekend trip. Simple ask us for it!